Roles vs Goals, the productivity schizophrenia

I’m wondering whether I am suffering from a bout of schizophrenia. I have just spent the majority of the weekend dumping everything out of my brain and going around the house listing everything I want to do. This has been really helpful and I now have a list of short and long-term goals, projects, next actions and regular activities, that I want to do and achieve.

I also have a list of roles, or areas of responsibility. The thing is I am really struggling to link these with everything else. The issue is that I seem to want to put some of the these roles to more than one task. I’m sure this can’t be right. So, this leaves me with thinking that my roles, or areas of responsibility aren’t correct.

Well I’m not going back to the drawing board, but if anyone has any thoughts do let me know in the comments.

Fear of failure

Underlying many of my productivity issues (and there are loads, and I’m overcoming them [that last parenthesis is part of my therapy] ) is a fear of failure. There is that little nagging voice that says I need to do something properly or not at all, or it may be going on about how others are much better at it than me. Well, I’m working through Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play
and this quote is helping me with that, and thought you might like to see it too.

I am prepared for the worst, now I can focus on the work that will lead to the best

The productivity quest of 2012 begins

I began yesterday to try and pull together what I would like to achieve in 2012. This is easier said than done as at the moment I’m not sure what I want to achieve. There you see my dilemma. Still I began buy putting down things that I am doing, things I like to do and things I would like to do. The result was a bit of a mess but it did begin to help me move forward. And that is the point. I took some time and just began; I took the first steps.


As you may be able to make out, the result was a mess. But it gives me something to work on and over the next few days I’ll try and tease out the ideas a little more. I’m sure I’ll add stuff to this and I’m also sure some things will be consigned to the bin. However, it was a start and if I want to achieve anything that is what I need to do…


A change in direction

A little change to what I’m going to use this WordPress site for. This will become a more dedicated record of productivity tips and ideas for the creative life, but specifically to things I am creating. It all grows out of my creative hub, at

There is a creativity journal that I am also using but that is to record the actual things I’m doing. It thought it best to try to keep things in different places. This may or may not prove to be a good idea and only time will tell.

I’m tempted to add a quick productivity tip here, but I’ll refrain. This is a news and update post and nothing more…. no, I won’t do it. That’s your lot. I’ll be in touch.

Awaiting google+

I’m not sure whether this image is sinister or not? [feel free to use the comments] Am I simply awaiting a response to my request for access to google+ or am I giving the peopel at google the evil eye. I don’t know, but it is time for a photo and to test the pixelpipe upload. And if anyone isn’t using and this works… well you obviously have an invite to google+ and are spending all your time there.