A good creative week

If I had a perfect balanced week then this last one might just have been it. I had freelance work and I managed to move forward on a range of my own products.

I began to write again, which is always a nice feeling.

I saw some slight movement, in the positive, on everything I am tracking.

I did a combined weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual review. This wasn’t ideal to do it all at the same time, but had some benefits – I really did see everything at every GTD level!


Music on the go

I have several pieces of music on the go at the moment. This is par for the course actually, but slightly different this week. The reason being is that they are all moving forward and they should all be complete soon.

Added to the tracks that I completed last week I think I have managed to break through feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I had too many pieces that weren’t complete and didn’t know where to start. A little dynamic list building and setting aside some time has sorted that.

Once again, a list comes to the rescue.

A good week

Had a balanced week working on freelance work and my own creative projects. Started off not feeling very well but picked up as the week went along. Because of the freelance work I didn’t get to do any writing on my fiction projects.

I managed to do a little music. Finished one piece and almost completed another little tune.

The organising I started a week or so back is still going on so next week I hope to get even more done.

Organised but rundown

I ended up spending most of the week organising things. I put everything into omnifocus, created processes for all my projects and ended up with a whole lot more.

This means I haven’t done any writing. I have done some music, which I’ll share as soon as possible on my Patreon. I haven’t given up all hope of completing FAWM, but it looks unlikely. I have got 12 tracks but don’t have time to create the last few.

All the organising has left me a little rundown. A nice sore throat and a head cold. Time to rest I think.

What I did today: 2nd Feb

Back to writing and therefore finishing Grimly Tales. Over 1000 words today. A couple more paragraphs on one story and then I have to decide whether or not to work on the ‘writer’ short story idea I have.

FAWM is going well. I have one song complete and another well on the way and I am only on day two.

I have decided to change the lyrics and vocal tune for Light from a Dark Star. I have never been happy with them and now I have some fresh ideas that work.

Support: Patreon

Get a little bit of summer by supporting me on Patreon


Recently recorded a song and have just uploaded it to my Patreon page. That means that if you are a suppoorter you’d be able to download and keep it.

For as little as $1 a month you’ll get at least one piece of music to keep. And it enables me to spend more time making more music. You’ll also get a lovely good feeling knowing that you are helping support the arts.

If you want to know more take a look at the follwoing: Support me on Patreon

Beginning the year well

Each year I start with the best of intentions. And, like the proverb hints, I end on a path to destruction (or eternal torment if that is your particular brand of the afterlife). I often have a list of goals I want to achieve. This year is no different, but so far I am progressing well.

I wonder if part of that is down to a slow start. I didn’t hit the year running. In fact I was barely upright, but little by little I have got into the zone. Creatively I am beginning to push myself, break through some barriers and see some results.

One exciting project is on Patreon. I am releasing music every month to supporters who have joined the temple. For as little as $1 everyone gets at least one piece of music to download and keep. Take a look and if you like it do sign up. It’s a great way to support creative people and keep me in tea.