The new week

 It comes round every seven days, until we go decimal, and that is the beginning of the week. With this in mind I thought I’d start to use wordpress a little more.

One of the ways in which I am trying to fight entropy is by becoming more organised. Part of becoming more organised is to try and create some routines in my life. With this in mind I have made day planner for myself. I am only in draft mode at the moment, but it does seem to be working. The current version is here (day planner), my planner is currently an A5 folder and so I print this on both sides of the paper and then cut up and add. (Layout, eg back-to-front, is inspired by Corrie Haffly’s planner, who has really inspired me to get my planner up and running again.)

I am also doubling up on a few things to make sure I don’t miss them. I implemented a great 43 folders tickler system at work but simply forgot to check it. Therefore there is a ‘check ticklers’ box on my form but also I have an automated task reminder to check it first thing in the morning. We have to use Outlook where I work so I thought I had best use it in a way that helps me.


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