The icon fighting entropy

As entropicon is my creative alter-ego I thought I should take a moment or two to review where I am with my creative ideas / projects and commissions. Let’s also see if this can become a more regular occurrence too.

My creativity is currently defined in the following roles:

  • Muso
  • Writer
  • Art
  • Webby


  • Have been using Cubase regularly and have been reinstalling instruments and soundbanks due to fatal windows crash
  • Have now got a list of 20 songs that I want to record to release standard


  • Manage to put a couple of ideas into yWriter
  • Cleared out the bedroom to enable a calmer atmosphere to use the little laptop to type away
  • Got two new writing commissions


  • Cleared the art cupboard so all materials are in the right place


Something this post is showing me is that I am still not listing what I need to do and therefore what I have done properly. However, I am quite pleased with what I have done recently.

Entropy has been fought and overcome this week.

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