Death of a planner

Well I am not happy with my planner, I thought I was but it seems I was wrong. The bottom line is that I have lots of bits of paper, different forms and so forth of which very few are being used. I am not using my daily planner pages at all, or very rarely and so I have decided to try and get along without them.

For the foreseebale future I will be using a my little A6 project / next action book, ditching the planner and replacing it with  an A5 book, for goals, project and other lists that I use. It can also double as a ‘capture’ device.

Other sections in my planner that I will now have elsewhere are:

  • Contacts – in my PDA/ email client and phone
  • Inbox – A5 book, online notepads and social bookmarking
  • Calendar – PDA / Outlook and an online calendar
  • Actions – A6 book
  • Projects – A6 and A5 books
  • Incubate – A5 book

And that is what I have in my planner and is now being transfered elsewhere. More to come.


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