Launchy to save time and clear the head – clean desktop Pt 2

I have again installed Launchy on the home PC. The simple aim of this is to reduce the time I spend procrastinating. Using the Start Menu is a very clunky and time wasting way of opening files and applications. It can be sped up by moving things around and getting rid of all those links to pdfs, manuals and uninstalls, that applications add to the start menu but for me that doesn’t remove the wonderful distraction that other programs provide. Too many times I have headed off to open Word to write that near-deadline article and been side-tracked and played with a graphic or music app.

Launchy doesn’t allow that, well not too much anyway. Simply open Launchy and type in Word and the program will open. It also does a lot more beside but I do need to open Word for something else now.

So now I have a blank monitor screen, with a nice image to inspire, no icons and Launchy sitting in the background ready to open whatever I need. Don’t believe me? Try it out…



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