Changing my productivity process again

I have had an enforced change in how I implement my work process. I use a hacked version of GTD with a lot of emphasis on goals. Now I was using a notebook and wondering what online lists and things I could get the most out of. However, I now have a laptop that I use for work and it never seems to leave my side. The laptop uses Outlook and we use tat at work too, so should I incorporate this into my system? Well I’m not sure at the moemtn but I need to make decison this weekend.

In other creative news i’ve been progressing with NaNoWriMo and you can check my pocess at the top right of this page.

I am still concerned about the amont of time I am spending on music and other visual creative projects – another reason why I need to sort out my process.

Feeliing a little overwelmed with it all at the moment, so need to sort it out. No time like the present.


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