Goals and actions

I have been looking at how I get things done, or not. I decided that i would take a critical look at my process and this post is part of that look. This isn’t a neatly planned post but my observations on what is and has happened.

I have set some good mid and long-term goals. They have been broken into one to two years goals and then three to five year goals. All these goals fit, or are related to my Personal Mission Statement and so are driven and grow out of my values, principles and beliefs. They are goals I am happy with and so have no problems with motivation.

I am also good at setting next actions, although I do procrastinate a bit when it comes to actually doing them. But this may be due to the hole in my process. I have noticed that I am weak at handling the projects and milestones, that link these next actions and my goals.

Therefore I am going to look at my project process and how I plan and review them. I will create a monthly plan that includes my projects and milestones and from this I will create a weekly plan. My one question at the moment is what ‘hardware’ to use to organise this – and that is a pretty big question.


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