Positive habit forming

I know all too well about habits that are bad for me. I struggle with many on a day to day basis. However, habits can be very good for us too. My personality type is such that I tend to want to see the big picture in everything, therefore, when I look at chagning my habits and adding them to my everyday life I see a whole pile of them and immediately get crushed.

Therefore this tip I picked up is going to be my guiding light over the next few months, and it is very, very simple.

Change one habit at a time

Now, all I need to do is remember that and take everything one step at a time, taking each action an task as they come and creating habits not in a mad rush but simply one at a time.


One Reply to “Positive habit forming”

  1. Even working on one habit at a time can be very hard, but there are tools to help you on this. One on my favored tools for this is chaining. The basic concept is to encourage you to create longer and longer series of positive behavior – admitting that you might drop out a few times. If you want to learn more about chaining please follow the link to the article on my Time Management Master blog:


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