January review

I had a pretty productive January and as part of my organistaion I’m going to be listing what i wanted to do and what i achieved. I didn’t list the month’s goals at the beginning of the year but will be doing it each month from now on.


  • Have a structure devotional life
    • I managed to create a plan, to achieve the goal it needs to be implemented 


  • Finish commissioned writing project 1
    • Finished 4th January, almost on time
  • Finish commissioned writing project 2
    • Almost done, but obtained an extention till 4th Feb
  • Record some music
    • I sruggled with this. Didn’t manage to do anything apart from look at my song list
  • Finish sorting all my folders
    • This was part of my organisation process, I had a pile of folders that belonged to an old system that wasn’t working, but I needed to know what to keep and what to lose. Almost finished
  • Finish original mindsweep
    • Had too much in too many different places so I needed to find it all and process it. Managed to do it all apart from a big pile of someday / maybe material – but this isn’t urgent.
  • Complete a new GTD hack set-up
    • Pretty much done. I now have a goals folder and list, a project list – with project resource folder and next action list. I’m using Remember The Milk for this, and if it works I’ll take out a subscription. The one thing that is missing is my Someday / Maybe list and folder. But as can be seen above, I’m not urgently worried about that.

All in all it was a good month. I had some specific work to do and I got the bulk of that done. I also managed to organise everything into a system that I think works. I’ll see how things go and update throughout the year.


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