I have been sidetracked

I had a very interesting weekend. I had a list of things that i wanted to do and somehow got totally sidetracked. I ended up firing up InDesign and creating the first draft of a potential e-book, containing a very short story I wrote and a number of short poems.

What was interesting about it was that this idea came totally out of the blue. I wanted to play around with the software and so I wondered what content I had. It wasn’t until I took a look at what I had posted on-line that I realised how much I actually had. I am not a prolific writer and I am totally humble as to how good, or not, it is, but there was enough to begin to put something together. So I’ll have that available soon to anyone  who wishes to have a look.

It made me think about how much we do create, but how much we leave simply lying around. With the group in the Internet, DTP and printing on demand, we can share this a lot easier with others. So now I have to add finishing this to my list.


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