February review

Well February hasn’t really been the best of months with regard to finishing and ticking off things but it wasn’t a complete waste of 29 days. So let’s go through what I wanted to do at the beginning of the month and see how far I got.


  • I am in the process of implementing my devotional habits. Having created them last month, this is the month I’ll be putting them into practice. Well I have really got going on this, implemented it and looking to expand it. Just a little discipline and it looks like a positive habit has been formed.


  • Begin to arrange songs – only been doing this in my head, will carry over
  • Lose weight – not a sausage, I have a list of habits that I will implement in March though
  • Organise Someday / Maybe folder – well it is all in one place, carry over
  • Define projects and milestones for my goals –put into my list book and started to break the bigger goals down
  • Plan the design for !maginality –in my head, but I am developing the WordPress theme on another blog 
  • Brainstorm additional income streams –  did this, now need to develop the ideas
  • Organise bookmark structure on browser –done and now set up in IE and Firefox, will review later, but managed to ditch a whole lot of old links (don’t worry, not you)
  • Organise RSS feeds, what I want to read and where –have decided to use bloglines for this, although have all the feeds set up in google reader too. Need to review the feeds now
  • Devise goals for all my websites –didn’t get anywhere on this, will carry over

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