March objectives

Here I am again sitting down and setting in virtual ink what I am going to achieve this month. However, I am already a week into the month and before I know it April will be breathing down my neck, so i had best get going.


  1. Improve my productivity from 2/10 to 8/10


  1. Begin to arrange songs
  2. Lose weight
  3. Organise someday/maybe folder
  4. Define projects and milestones for goals
  5. Plan / draft design for !maginality
  6. Brainstorm additional income streams

These will change but it is the list I start with. First step is project 4. Once this is done I can change the projects for this and subsequent months. What I do need to do while that is happening is get going on the music front and start to lose a bit of weight. i have already moved my weight loss goal back three months to June.

So that is where I am as March starts but I hope to change things in the next couple of days. The goal of improving my productivity is well on the way, but I need to make sure I haven’t missed any things I can do to help that.


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