New ‘old’ song

One of the main goals for this year is to record and make available a collection of songs written and recorded by my good self, in other words, release an album. March’s projects include getting going on one of the songs, finishing the lyrics, arranging and hopefully recording it (the final piece may take place in April when I have a couple of weeks off).

Anyway, today I took on the challenge of finishing the lyrics of song number one. This was in itself an interesting thing. The song in question was initially written many years ago and deals with a relationship I had. On looking at the song for use in the new album I thought it needed a new verse, a new first verse to be precise. In order to write this I needed to go back in time and remember how I felt all those years ago; quite scary.

However, I managed to do it and I am quite happy with the results. Lyrics aren’t set in stone and may well change as recording day edges closer, but at present song one is now written. The next stage is to develop a basic arrangement, what happens when and with what instrument. For the first time ever I am not going to fire up cubase until I have the arrangement pretty much in my head.


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