May already

I thought I’d best post an update considering I haven’t posted up March’s or April’s reviews. I don’t think I’ll go back and do it properly, but I have managed to do a whole lot of the things on my list.

I’ll put up a revised list soon, and it may also be slightly different too. My improve my productivity goal is still very much a work in progress… or is it? Perhaps I need to implement things I already know and want to do.

The current set-up I am using is this:

Goals: derived from my Personal Mission Statement
Projects: multi-action events that are created to reach a goal
Next Actions: single-action events that are either stand-alone or the next step of a project

This is basically my hacked version of GTD and seems to work quite well. The major difficulty I am having though is making the time for a weekly review. That needs to be my priority.


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