May’s goals

Okay, I know that it is well over half-way through May, but I need to write these down for my sanity. The list actually comes from a book of lists that I have and use, well try to use. So here is what I will be doing in May:

  1. Lose weight 10lb – this is part of my ongoing goal to lose 26lb by the summer. I thought I should try and break it down a little.
  2. Create someday / maybe list – I am doing too many things and keeping too many things on my project and next action list, therefore I need to create a list that is for future time.
  3. Devise goals and objectives for all my websites – part of my productivity goal. I have signed up for far too many online blogs and social networks, therefore I need a reason to use and keep using them.
  4. Add my ‘old’ bookmarks to my new structure – the new bookmark structure is working well. Therefore it is time to bring any of the bookmarks I have in an ‘old’ folder into the new system. This is another productivity goal.
  5. Complete notes for L4L writing – I’ve been commissioned to write some material and I wantto have all relevant notes ready to write in June.
  6. Finalise daily routine – my process is almost there, I just need to finalise what I should bedoing each day, and then I will have achived my productivity goal, almost.

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