Finally organised?

I have been struggling with my Getting Things Done system for a while now. Partly due to the fact that I want to merge the top down, goal driven process, advocated by Steven Covey, with the bottom up GTD of David Allen. Well, that is what I thought my problem was. However, I spent the best part of last Friday at work and then Sunday and Monday at home, actually putting my ‘stuff’ into a GTD system. I have been so concerned with hacking GTD that I hadn’t ever truly set up the basic system.

I now have my system in place and things immediately seem much easier to handle. Now, I am in the position to begin hacking the system around. In the meantime though I have the following places that form my basic set up:

  • Inbox
  • Project files
  • Someday / maybe files
  • Tickler system
  • Context lists
  • Calendar

My next question is whether the place I have those things stored now is the most efficient and eas to use. However, at least I know where they are.


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