Goals, objectives and the big question

Okay, well I have note been around here for a while. I wish it was because I had been busy, and although that has something to with it, that isn’t the only reason. But this isn’t a personal journal in that sense, so you’ll have to find me elsewhere to find out about that.

What I have been doing recently is reading Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Work Week. Now while I have a few reservations about the way he presents himself in the book, there are certainly one or two things that have got me thinking. The first, and what this post is about, is his questioning of the term, ‘what are your goals?’

His reasoning points out that when you achieve your goal, you say you are happy. But happiness can also come out of a wine bottle, so why go through the hassle of achieving the goal. He encourages you to ask, not what do I want, or what are my goals, but what would excite me.

With this in mind I have been re-evaluating my goal list. Or more accurately, the measurement of success of those goals. So often these measurements are based on numbers and facts, but I am taking a look at them in terms of excitement.

A simple example is my ‘record an album’ goal. Why would i want to do that… to say that i have done it? To be able to sell a few copies? To share my art with other people? Well actually, it is because writing, recording and performing music is what I enjoy, what makes me happy… what excites me. Therefore the goal may need a little bit if restructuring… off I go.


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