In come the clouds

The last few days, in fact the last few weeks have been pretty nice, sunny days. In that time we’ve taken a walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Dor, which was really nice. I should get some photos up of it soon.

Life hasn’t been stress free and I’ve been suffering with anxiety a little. Leading to a lack of sleep and a few chest pains and headaches, but nothing too bad. I went to the doctor to check things out and he basically gave me the list of to tey and relax and do some exercise. He also did a blood test.

The blood test results came back and I was called back to see the doctor. The result is that i have a high cholesterol level and he is pretty concerned about it. So the to add to the relaxation and exercise, I now have to watch my diet (not that I was too bad before, but there were several lapses) and cut down on the vino (now there is a challenge).

So that is the recent news, but to round of this eloquent piece literature, today the sun has gone. It has decided to hide behind a sky of grey. I hope it returns soon.


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