The first ukulele song

I wrote my first song on the ukulele the other week. It isn’t particularly ground-breaking but it was brought together on the tiny little thing. I was limited with the chords I knew but it has worked out quite nicely. There is a distinct feel and vibe that working on the ukulele brought and it fitted with the slightly whimsical lyric.

I have played it since on the guitar and also the piano, and that brings out a much richer sound, but perhaps loses the folky nature that inspired it. So, when I do get around to recording or playing it for a wider audience it will be ukulele led.

I’m now re-working the lyric so that the scanning is the same for each verse. This means working on the first verse again so should take too much time. And then it will be ready to be released onto the world. You dear friend.


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