Ukulele song

Spent sometime re-working the first verse of the Ukulele song and I think I’m there, or as close as, before it is honed in the big wide world.

Now it is time for a title, although Ukulele song is nice and cute, it doesn’t really convey everything that the song is. I mean, I may even play it on the guitar sometimes. So a title is required. It could then even get its own page and such.

I’m toying with the title the day today because of a theme that is running through the song. However do I really want it linked to a very funny TV series? It does work, and it would add to the memorability of the song. I don’t think it will be the final title but one never knows. I’ll let that marinate in my mind for a few days and see if I am happy with it or not.


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