The productivity quest of 2012 begins

I began yesterday to try and pull together what I would like to achieve in 2012. This is easier said than done as at the moment I’m not sure what I want to achieve. There you see my dilemma. Still I began buy putting down things that I am doing, things I like to do and things I would like to do. The result was a bit of a mess but it did begin to help me move forward. And that is the point. I took some time and just began; I took the first steps.


As you may be able to make out, the result was a mess. But it gives me something to work on and over the next few days I’ll try and tease out the ideas a little more. I’m sure I’ll add stuff to this and I’m also sure some things will be consigned to the bin. However, it was a start and if I want to achieve anything that is what I need to do…



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