A little post-Christmas mixing

Well apart from saying Happy Christmas to you all… Happy Christmas… I have been a naughty boy with regard to keeping this my creative journal up to date. I could use the excuse that I am choosing to do it with renewed vim and vigour next year but that’s not a great or creative excuse.

So I have been writing a fair bit, blog posts here and there. I have also been doing a lot of guitar playing and singing. The Ukulele is getting regular strumming and so I am keeping up with practising. I have even begun implementing aspects of my 2012 life choices. More of that on another blog but it will have implications to what I get up to here.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours mixing a track to send out to someone. I’ve offered, and will begin to offer, my music with pretty much no strings attached for people to take and use and simply enjoy. Again more of that next year but that is what will happen. I’ve also spent a while doing the entropicon homepage of which this is part of, and I’ve also been researching information to be able to redo the design of this particular journal.

I have a work free week and so if I don’t update here, you’ll know I’m already slacking… or I’m just being very, very creative.

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