Looking forward to a musical February with FAWM

One of the biggest challenges for me is to realise how much I actually do. I am constantly beating myself up for not being as creative as I could be, without realising what I have achieved. That is one of the reasons this little creativity blog is here, to record what I have done. I am also using, as part of a general what have I been up to craze, I Done This a neat little site that enables me to record anything that I did the day before. The cool idea behind this is that it sends me an email the following day and I reply, listing anything I have done on a new line and voila it records it for me. Just having to think back over the day before has shown me I do a lot more than I think.

Guitar practice

I have been practising my guitar. Or more specifically lead guitar lines (or licks as we say in the guitar jargon world). I’m not great at this sort of thing as I am primarily a chords man, but I thought it was a good habit to get into to stretch myself. So if you see me struggling over playing a few notes here and there you’ll know why.


I am going to attempt to write 14.5 songs in 29 days. Yes, I have thrown my hat into the ring for FAWM, the February album writing month. The aim is to write 14 (and a half, seeing as it is a leap year) songs in 29 days. I don’t normally struggle writing songs, but the time limit will help me get over the perfectionist in me that so often stops an idea coming to fruition. I’ll be updating here and various other places with my progress, so any cheers appreciated. In the meantime I have a blues riff to master.


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