Day 20 on FAWM

Well I have really been great at updating this haven’t I? Don’t answer. But I do have a really, really valid reason. I now have 11 song ideas and these ideas are slowly winding their way to completion, well musically and lyrically at least. I was, and still am, hoping to record at least rough versions of them but that may be the beginning of next week, when I have a few days away from the office.

One thing that has helped is the time limit. Knowing that I have to write a song, or formulate an idea every two days, I have accepted almost the first idea that has come to mind each time. This has then been developed in to the song. Without the time limit I know that I would have rejected many of the ideas before I could work them through. So perhaps that is something I will try to keep up. Having a to do action to write a new song every two days could be an ongoing challenge… well perhaps a break first.

So I’d best get back to the lyrics otherwise I’ll get to the 29th February with a lot of verses being hummed!


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