FAWM 2012 winner

After 29 days I have completed FAWM. I have written 14.5 songs during the 29 days of February. It has been an enjoyable challenge and taught me one or two things.

Firstly the challenge aspect does seem to work. I have now completed this challenge and NaNoWriMo. I find it very easy to start things but a lot more difficult to finish them, so the time limit certainly helps.

Secondly, and perhaps linked, is that I haven’t been concerned with perfection. The time limit means that quite often I have to go with vague ideas, or ideas that I don’t think are particularly good. This didn’t always result in a fantastic song, but a couple of times it did mean something quite respectable was created.

Finally a quick shout out to a cool little app on the iPad that enabled me to complete the challenge. I used SongwriterHD (lite) a little app that enabled me to write the words but also record little snippets of ideas, perfect for this challenge. I am seriously considering ditching my songwriting notebook for it.

The next challenge? Record some of these songs!


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