Freeze, a new song, not the weather

With spring in the air, what better time to begin recording a song called ‘Freeze’. It was a working title and one of the songs I wrote for FAWM, but the title seems to be sticking. It’s currently a fairly up-tempo rock/pop song. It was fun laying down the basics today, although I got distracted and started playing with the soft synths… it’s the geek in me.

Still here are the current lyrics, most likely they’ll change when I finally get to record them, but posting them here for the memory. I’ll try to update here as soon as I have a demo.


You’re like a subtle sound
Directionless but all around
Salt water to the drowned
But here I dive right in

You arrived as I wanted to leave
Dropped the bomb, I couldn’t believe
I saw a sign and felt my need
For there I stood the same

And when I think the time has come
I freeze and let my drive succumb
I stumble with my words and deeds
As I approach your warm heart watch mine freeze

But in limbo nothing’s changed
I await and feel estranged
Hands tied, a dance deranged
Chess pieces waiting to play

Brief moments raising hope
Sharp intake, slippery slope
feel the words in my mouth choke
It’s too soon but inertia she calls


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