The perfect moment will never arrive

I think I have everything in place to be creative, almost.

  • I have pulled all my bits and pieces of paper together
  • I have organised the desk the way I want it
  • I have my keyboard and guitar just where they should be
  • I have the software ready on the computer

I have everything where it is supposed to be… almost. Just a few more tweaks and I’ll be there. Perhaps move those pens into that container. And that new guitar app on the iPhone looks like it could really help. Wait, now where was that notepad with that new idea I half thought up last week? 

I wonder if I should just begin now? No wait, there’s Christmas in just over a week. If I wait till after then I can really put my heart and soul into things, of course, once the New Year festivities have been and gone… but then January and February can be so dark and gloomy… 

The prefect moment will never arrive… begin now


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