The simplest things learnt again

I’ve just moved from a PC to Apple. After 16 years working on a PC, primarily due to the day job, I have returned to using a Mac. Now with a new job, where I will once again be using a Mac, I decided to opt back to the Apple world. So far I haven’t regretted a single moment of it, but we are in our honeymoon period.

Cubase to Logic

Moving operating system led me to question what software I would use. For pretty much 16 years I have been using Cubase on the PC. However, there were always niggling issues that I never totally sorted out, primarily in the realm of midi. One look at the Cubase user forums and you’ll find out what I mean.

So with a jump to Apple I also decided to move across to Logic. It was able to do all that I was doing on Cubase and having had a couple of recommendations I thought, Ok. Plus, the software worked out cheaper than an upgrade to the latest version of Cubase. Money saved there would help with the outlay for the Mac itself.

This evening I spent a little time getting to know Logic. I know my way around a sequencer package but there were little things I just couldn’t work out, or took me some time to find. Some of this may be due to getting use to the Mac itself. Still it was a fun time and I can already tell Logic and me will be good friends.


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