Drifter, adrift and drifting

I always know when I have a lot to do. My muse decides to show up, grab my hand and dance intricate steps with me. On cue, in the middle of trying to work out how I will survive the next few months, she whispered sweetly in my ear and I found the guitar in my hands. This time she wanted to push me, take me beyond my comfort zone. 

So we plucked, moaned and created something. 

My vocal lines are normally clearly defined but so far this new song is more like a road trip without a clear destination. The words meander around a the tune rather than stick to it. It will be interesting to see where it ends up.

Currently the working title is Drifter, based on a title and some lyrics I already had. But it is clear that the creation process is drifting and we are both, still very much adrift.


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