A little musical sort through

I admit that I am supposed to be working on something else. I have a long list of things that need to get done, but I have made the fatal mistake of going through the songs I have in the SongWriter app on the iPad.

I am a habitual starter. I begin a lot of things, but often struggle to see them through. It is part of my creative personality, and is often due to me getting bored and then struggling to find the motivation to complete things. Knowing this I make the effort and although some things make be a truffle and take a while, I do get them done.

One of the surprises as I went through the songs was how many I had. I am pretty close to having a good 20 new songs in various stages of completion. The other things that I found interesting was the style. I appear to have entered an acoustic folk period. I suppose it does reflect what I have been listening to, but it is also reflecting a change in my lifestyle and attitude to things. 

So, it seems I have a few songs to finish. And I am motivated to do it too!


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