Halfway through the musical creative project

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Eek, yes it is halfway through. This means that I have less than 15 days to have it completed. So let’s see where I am. 

The project has its title and currently has seven songs. All but one of the songs has a project folder and initial recording of the track in Logic. I mean very initial at the moment, but just getting that far is good. 

Some of the lyrics are completed while others are a long way off. There are also a couple of ideas that are bubbling around that I hope to add to the list. 

I will be happy, well more than happy, if I can get to ten songs by the end of the month. That’s currently my goal and that’s what I am aiming for.

Currently the list looks like this…

You Can Love Me

  • It’s just a crush
  • Maybe one day
  • If I dream
  • Everyday
  • Gigi Rainbow Sparkle
  • Just After The Lightning
  • I’m Looking At Stupid Things That Make Me Smile Because Of You
I have decided that there will be something of the ukulele on each track, but it may not be the main instrument on them all. As the songs have developed and grown they have taken on their own identities, as songs often do, and to limit them to just four strings seems such a shame.
So a quick update, just to show that I haven’t quietly forgotten about the challenge and gone off and done something else… like I frequently do.


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