Musical challenge a successful failure?

For those who haven’t noticed the calendar now says October. For those who have read any of the recent blog posts you should also know that I set myself a public challenge to release a collection of songs by today.

Well, I have failed… but only in the release date. The tracks are all on their way and I am really excited about them. They have pushed me musically. I have tried to write in a completely different style and way. They have pushed me technically. Playing some of the chords on the ukulele has been difficult, and been too much at times. I have learnt how to play, albeit in a tiny way, my harmonica. I have also learnt more about Logic Pro X than is probably good for anyone in just one month.

I suppose I didn’t push myself enough early on in the month and that is the main reason why I haven’t hit the deadline. There have been one or two personal issues that have taken a little time, but nothing that I couldn’t have dealt with. Perhaps the deadline was a little ambitious, thinking that I could write and record all the tracks. 

One decision I have to make is whether to ‘release’ them under This Temple Eden. I think I will, as I am planning to add two ‘old’ songs to the collection, that the band used to play. 

You Can Love Me: 8 songs written on the ukulele

!coming soon!


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