National Poetry Day

Apparently today is National Poetry Day. I’m not sure who decided this. I don’t think an iamb of poets (it was my favourite after a brief search) met in an abandoned log cabin, drank absinthe and actually made a decision. But I would have liked to have been there if they had.


So in honour of this day, I set about composing a little something. I fired up Ommwriter, lit a candle and blazed into action.

I wanted to write a poem for national poetry day

I wanted to write a poem
for national poetry day.
But I couldn’t find the words,
to explain what I wanted to say.

My structure lost rhythm and pace,
as I discarded words from my heart.
All the things that I wanted to say,
were the reasons I just couldn’t start.

Remember, rhyme isn’t the be all,
when writing a four-line poem.
But conveying the emotional meaning
in haiku, sonnet or tome.

So, perhaps all I need to write
are words, that are simple and true.
To convey how I really feel…
I      love     you.


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