A trip to the coffee shop

I sip my tea. I look around at the people. They have varied expressions. I assume they have varied thoughts and concerns, but I find myself taking less for granted these days.

Some faces have smiles. Others are deep in thought. Some are tapping away on their smartphones. One or two, explore the propaganda in the daily newspaper.

There are several groups of people. Young mother’s chat, while their children are rocked in buggies or on knees. Older couples take a latte before returning ot the shops in the high st. Many sit alone at their table. I am one of these solo visitors.

I came here looking for you. I saw you here before; twice. Both occasions at this time, one and two weeks back. Today you are not here. I remain alone at my table. I slowly drink my tea. Perhaps I will see you next week.

I probably won’t say anything anyway. But I will keep looking for you.


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