A good creative week

If I had a perfect balanced week then this last one might just have been it. I had freelance work and I managed to move forward on a range of my own products.

I began to write again, which is always a nice feeling.

I saw some slight movement, in the positive, on everything I am tracking.

I did a combined weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual review. This wasn’t ideal to do it all at the same time, but had some benefits – I really did see everything at every GTD level!

Blogo for iOS

Giving the above a little test run. I’ll be posting away to see how it goes.

A good week

Had a balanced week working on freelance work and my own creative projects. Started off not feeling very well but picked up as the week went along. Because of the freelance work I didn’t get to do any writing on my fiction projects.

I managed to do a little music. Finished one piece and almost completed another little tune.

The organising I started a week or so back is still going on so next week I hope to get even more done.

Swimming through concrete

I have been a little stuck recently. A mixture of medication and motivation. Some of one and none of the other. My body seems to have adjusted now though.

… time to get creative 

Writing and publishing posts on Imaginality

You are the publisher

There are a couple of recent posts on Imaginality to do with writing and publishing.

The first is about the publishing process. It looks at all the roles that take place at a Publishing House and how, if we want to self-publish, we need to take them on. If you are interested in getting your own book out there, then this might be helpful. So you want to self-publish that means you are the publisher.

The second is more specific and deals with the writing process. It looks at how a simple system can be used to write a plot. Want to write, but not sure where to start? This post could be for you. How to write a simple plot – The Some Plot System

There’s plenty of other stuff over at Imaginality, I seem to be on a creative role.

I seem to have lost my muse

Not lost, but missing. Is that the same thing?


I am trying to fight through it, to push through the creative barrier. However, I have a fear it may be something a little more serious. This is more to do with motivation than ideas. I have the ideas but can't manage to push them through. Hence the fighting.


Perhaps, I seem to have lost my motivation…


Three tips to help you find your muse

Help me I’ve lost my Muse

It can happen to any creative person and this week it happened to Darren. In this week’s episode Darren finds that his muse has gone and run away. However, he does deliver the words fop and popinjay, along with three tips to find your muse and get back to creating the art you love and enjoy.