A good creative week

If I had a perfect balanced week then this last one might just have been it. I had freelance work and I managed to move forward on a range of my own products.

I began to write again, which is always a nice feeling.

I saw some slight movement, in the positive, on everything I am tracking.

I did a combined weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual review. This wasn’t ideal to do it all at the same time, but had some benefits – I really did see everything at every GTD level!

A good week

Had a balanced week working on freelance work and my own creative projects. Started off not feeling very well but picked up as the week went along. Because of the freelance work I didn’t get to do any writing on my fiction projects.

I managed to do a little music. Finished one piece and almost completed another little tune.

The organising I started a week or so back is still going on so next week I hope to get even more done.

Writing and publishing posts on Imaginality

You are the publisher

There are a couple of recent posts on Imaginality to do with writing and publishing.

The first is about the publishing process. It looks at all the roles that take place at a Publishing House and how, if we want to self-publish, we need to take them on. If you are interested in getting your own book out there, then this might be helpful. So you want to self-publish that means you are the publisher.

The second is more specific and deals with the writing process. It looks at how a simple system can be used to write a plot. Want to write, but not sure where to start? This post could be for you. How to write a simple plot – The Some Plot System

There’s plenty of other stuff over at Imaginality, I seem to be on a creative role.