Organised but rundown

I ended up spending most of the week organising things. I put everything into omnifocus, created processes for all my projects and ended up with a whole lot more.

This means I haven’t done any writing. I have done some music, which I’ll share as soon as possible on my Patreon. I haven’t given up all hope of completing FAWM, but it looks unlikely. I have got 12 tracks but don’t have time to create the last few.

All the organising has left me a little rundown. A nice sore throat and a head cold. Time to rest I think.


Beginning the year well

Each year I start with the best of intentions. And, like the proverb hints, I end on a path to destruction (or eternal torment if that is your particular brand of the afterlife). I often have a list of goals I want to achieve. This year is no different, but so far I am progressing well.

I wonder if part of that is down to a slow start. I didn’t hit the year running. In fact I was barely upright, but little by little I have got into the zone. Creatively I am beginning to push myself, break through some barriers and see some results.

One exciting project is on Patreon. I am releasing music every month to supporters who have joined the temple. For as little as $1 everyone gets at least one piece of music to download and keep. Take a look and if you like it do sign up. It’s a great way to support creative people and keep me in tea.

June 2015 creative review

This is what I have been up to this past month. I want to keep a record and be accountable in some way. Giving this a go.


The Creative Minimalist
9 posts published, including…
A simple morning daily practice
Three areas of life that need decluttering
How many apps do I need

9 posts published, including…
So you want to self-publish, that means you are the publisher
How to prepare for a creative weekend
How to write a simple plot
The 10 commandments of creativity

This Temple Eden
1 post published…

Obviously a little more work needed on This Temple Eden. However, each site saw growth in visitors and views.


I worked on a soon to be self-published work on writing. I also spent time working on a writing course. Both of these I hope to have ready in July.


I’m working on two fiction pieces. One is untitled but the other is, Grimly Tales from the Love Grimoire. I am aiming to have both at the first draft stage by the end of July.


I need to organise my music and focus on finishing a few more demos. This ties in with the posting on the website. There are plenty of songs in process and it would be nice to get them to the stage when they can be shared. I have one that will certainly be ready in July, but as to how many others, I am not sure yet.

Freelance writing / editing

I am available for freelance writing and editing. I did a few pieces in June but currently there is nothing pencilled in for July. So if you want something done, do get in touch.

May already

I thought I’d best post an update considering I haven’t posted up March’s or April’s reviews. I don’t think I’ll go back and do it properly, but I have managed to do a whole lot of the things on my list.

I’ll put up a revised list soon, and it may also be slightly different too. My improve my productivity goal is still very much a work in progress… or is it? Perhaps I need to implement things I already know and want to do.

The current set-up I am using is this:

Goals: derived from my Personal Mission Statement
Projects: multi-action events that are created to reach a goal
Next Actions: single-action events that are either stand-alone or the next step of a project

This is basically my hacked version of GTD and seems to work quite well. The major difficulty I am having though is making the time for a weekly review. That needs to be my priority.

March objectives

Here I am again sitting down and setting in virtual ink what I am going to achieve this month. However, I am already a week into the month and before I know it April will be breathing down my neck, so i had best get going.


  1. Improve my productivity from 2/10 to 8/10


  1. Begin to arrange songs
  2. Lose weight
  3. Organise someday/maybe folder
  4. Define projects and milestones for goals
  5. Plan / draft design for !maginality
  6. Brainstorm additional income streams

These will change but it is the list I start with. First step is project 4. Once this is done I can change the projects for this and subsequent months. What I do need to do while that is happening is get going on the music front and start to lose a bit of weight. i have already moved my weight loss goal back three months to June.

So that is where I am as March starts but I hope to change things in the next couple of days. The goal of improving my productivity is well on the way, but I need to make sure I haven’t missed any things I can do to help that.

February review

Well February hasn’t really been the best of months with regard to finishing and ticking off things but it wasn’t a complete waste of 29 days. So let’s go through what I wanted to do at the beginning of the month and see how far I got.


  • I am in the process of implementing my devotional habits. Having created them last month, this is the month I’ll be putting them into practice. Well I have really got going on this, implemented it and looking to expand it. Just a little discipline and it looks like a positive habit has been formed.


  • Begin to arrange songs – only been doing this in my head, will carry over
  • Lose weight – not a sausage, I have a list of habits that I will implement in March though
  • Organise Someday / Maybe folder – well it is all in one place, carry over
  • Define projects and milestones for my goals –put into my list book and started to break the bigger goals down
  • Plan the design for !maginality –in my head, but I am developing the WordPress theme on another blog 
  • Brainstorm additional income streams –  did this, now need to develop the ideas
  • Organise bookmark structure on browser –done and now set up in IE and Firefox, will review later, but managed to ditch a whole lot of old links (don’t worry, not you)
  • Organise RSS feeds, what I want to read and where –have decided to use bloglines for this, although have all the feeds set up in google reader too. Need to review the feeds now
  • Devise goals for all my websites –didn’t get anywhere on this, will carry over

February goals and projects

This is a little late but I thought I should post it up here before I did the February review 🙂 I was wondering whether to follow David Seah’s Groundhog Day  process, and although I am doing something very similar, I didn’t want the winter and summer gaps. While I am salaried and working primarily for someone else, I know that bulks of my ‘creative’ time will be found in the summer and winter holidays, therefore I want to make the most of them. I already have had a productive January and with at least a couple of weeks off in the summer, I will probably be able to get a little more done then too.

Anyway, back to February.


  • I am in the process of implementing my devotional habits. Having created them last month, this is the month I’ll be putting them into practice.


  • Begin to arrange songs
  • Lose weight
  • Organise Someday / Maybe folder
  • Define projects and milestones for my goals
  • Plan the design for !maginality
  • Brainstorm additonal income streams
  • Organise bookmark structure on browser
  • Organise RSS feeds, what I want to read and where
  • Devise goals for all my websites

These projects may change slightly throughout the month as I get going on the fourth project above. But I wanted to put down what I set out to do.

January review

I had a pretty productive January and as part of my organistaion I’m going to be listing what i wanted to do and what i achieved. I didn’t list the month’s goals at the beginning of the year but will be doing it each month from now on.


  • Have a structure devotional life
    • I managed to create a plan, to achieve the goal it needs to be implemented 


  • Finish commissioned writing project 1
    • Finished 4th January, almost on time
  • Finish commissioned writing project 2
    • Almost done, but obtained an extention till 4th Feb
  • Record some music
    • I sruggled with this. Didn’t manage to do anything apart from look at my song list
  • Finish sorting all my folders
    • This was part of my organisation process, I had a pile of folders that belonged to an old system that wasn’t working, but I needed to know what to keep and what to lose. Almost finished
  • Finish original mindsweep
    • Had too much in too many different places so I needed to find it all and process it. Managed to do it all apart from a big pile of someday / maybe material – but this isn’t urgent.
  • Complete a new GTD hack set-up
    • Pretty much done. I now have a goals folder and list, a project list – with project resource folder and next action list. I’m using Remember The Milk for this, and if it works I’ll take out a subscription. The one thing that is missing is my Someday / Maybe list and folder. But as can be seen above, I’m not urgently worried about that.

All in all it was a good month. I had some specific work to do and I got the bulk of that done. I also managed to organise everything into a system that I think works. I’ll see how things go and update throughout the year.

Goals and actions

I have been looking at how I get things done, or not. I decided that i would take a critical look at my process and this post is part of that look. This isn’t a neatly planned post but my observations on what is and has happened.

I have set some good mid and long-term goals. They have been broken into one to two years goals and then three to five year goals. All these goals fit, or are related to my Personal Mission Statement and so are driven and grow out of my values, principles and beliefs. They are goals I am happy with and so have no problems with motivation.

I am also good at setting next actions, although I do procrastinate a bit when it comes to actually doing them. But this may be due to the hole in my process. I have noticed that I am weak at handling the projects and milestones, that link these next actions and my goals.

Therefore I am going to look at my project process and how I plan and review them. I will create a monthly plan that includes my projects and milestones and from this I will create a weekly plan. My one question at the moment is what ‘hardware’ to use to organise this – and that is a pretty big question.