What I did today: 2nd Feb

Back to writing and therefore finishing Grimly Tales. Over 1000 words today. A couple more paragraphs on one story and then I have to decide whether or not to work on the ‘writer’ short story idea I have.

FAWM is going well. I have one song complete and another well on the way and I am only on day two.

I have decided to change the lyrics and vocal tune for Light from a Dark Star. I have never been happy with them and now I have some fresh ideas that work.

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30 Writing Prompts to Inspire and Develop the Writing Habit

Over at Imaginality I have a series of 30 writing prompts to inspire and develop the writing habit. They are free and ideal if you are looking at attempting NaNoWriMo and want a little practice.

I am posting one a day for October, clearly tagged and, hopefully, easy to find. They are designed to be creative and draw heavily on your memories and emotions. The prompts help you get past that troublesome little blank page that is so often the enemy of writers.

May you find these 30 Writing Prompts helpful.

30 writing prompts

Back in the swing

Managed to write a little more in Grimly Tales today. It was on one of the stories that had hit a rut. Now it is rolling on again.

Arranged the ‘song’ version of Gypsy Fire Dance. It has now taken shape, so I will record the guitar and vocals later this week, all being well.

The other musical idea on the boil has the working title of lost little girl. It is built around a simple guitar riff and I hope to have a version available soon, once the lyrics are finished.

That’s what’s on the creative menu this week.

Belonging together…

… but I knew then that we belonged together. I wanted her. More than that: I wanted to be wanted by her. More than that too: I needed her to be part of my life, the major part. I was that certain, just with that look, that smile.

Iain Banks – Stonemouth

A trip to the coffee shop

I sip my tea. I look around at the people. They have varied expressions. I assume they have varied thoughts and concerns, but I find myself taking less for granted these days.

Some faces have smiles. Others are deep in thought. Some are tapping away on their smartphones. One or two, explore the propaganda in the daily newspaper.

There are several groups of people. Young mother’s chat, while their children are rocked in buggies or on knees. Older couples take a latte before returning ot the shops in the high st. Many sit alone at their table. I am one of these solo visitors.

I came here looking for you. I saw you here before; twice. Both occasions at this time, one and two weeks back. Today you are not here. I remain alone at my table. I slowly drink my tea. Perhaps I will see you next week.

I probably won’t say anything anyway. But I will keep looking for you.

Someone missed – A new piece of poetry

Someone missed

I don’t like this.
It hurts inside.
There is no physical reason why it should hurt.
What then is this pain?
It is unknown pain, caused by unknowing.
Not knowing, that’s the hurt.
Something missed.
A space.
A gap.
A place for something,
for someone.
Someone missed.
I miss you.

National Poetry Day

Apparently today is National Poetry Day. I’m not sure who decided this. I don’t think an iamb of poets (it was my favourite after a brief search) met in an abandoned log cabin, drank absinthe and actually made a decision. But I would have liked to have been there if they had.


So in honour of this day, I set about composing a little something. I fired up Ommwriter, lit a candle and blazed into action.

I wanted to write a poem for national poetry day

I wanted to write a poem
for national poetry day.
But I couldn’t find the words,
to explain what I wanted to say.

My structure lost rhythm and pace,
as I discarded words from my heart.
All the things that I wanted to say,
were the reasons I just couldn’t start.

Remember, rhyme isn’t the be all,
when writing a four-line poem.
But conveying the emotional meaning
in haiku, sonnet or tome.

So, perhaps all I need to write
are words, that are simple and true.
To convey how I really feel…
I      love     you.