The icon fighting entropy

As entropicon is my creative alter-ego I thought I should take a moment or two to review where I am with my creative ideas / projects and commissions. Let’s also see if this can become a more regular occurrence too.

My creativity is currently defined in the following roles:

  • Muso
  • Writer
  • Art
  • Webby


  • Have been using Cubase regularly and have been reinstalling instruments and soundbanks due to fatal windows crash
  • Have now got a list of 20 songs that I want to record to release standard


  • Manage to put a couple of ideas into yWriter
  • Cleared out the bedroom to enable a calmer atmosphere to use the little laptop to type away
  • Got two new writing commissions


  • Cleared the art cupboard so all materials are in the right place


Something this post is showing me is that I am still not listing what I need to do and therefore what I have done properly. However, I am quite pleased with what I have done recently.

Entropy has been fought and overcome this week.

A few ideas from Eden Project’s Tim Smit

Heard an interesting interview with Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project, on the radio awhile back and have only just found some notes I took. I thought these were intersting and good ideas that both I and others could use, so here they are as good as I remember them.

  • read / watch – book /film /play and review them, however they should all be beyond your normal sphere of influence. Something that you wouldn’t normally want to see.
  • Write a speech about why you like what you are doing, verbalize what excites you. Obviously if you can’t do this you need to rethink what you are doing.
  • work in ‘wine light’; have your business meetings in the evening, over a meal and a glass of wine (personal favourite that one).

Simple ideas, but good opnes, me thinks.

A little movie style image I created

One of my short term goals is to create a digital portfolio of art and with that in mind I have been playing around with this tutorial. I didn’t have photoshop or the Gimp to hand so had to use Fireworks – I sppose I should have done it at home on Paint Shop Pro but was a bit bored over lunch. Anyway, below is the fruit of my labour as I have tried to creat a ‘movie style image’.

movie style image

The new week

 It comes round every seven days, until we go decimal, and that is the beginning of the week. With this in mind I thought I’d start to use wordpress a little more.

One of the ways in which I am trying to fight entropy is by becoming more organised. Part of becoming more organised is to try and create some routines in my life. With this in mind I have made day planner for myself. I am only in draft mode at the moment, but it does seem to be working. The current version is here (day planner), my planner is currently an A5 folder and so I print this on both sides of the paper and then cut up and add. (Layout, eg back-to-front, is inspired by Corrie Haffly’s planner, who has really inspired me to get my planner up and running again.)

I am also doubling up on a few things to make sure I don’t miss them. I implemented a great 43 folders tickler system at work but simply forgot to check it. Therefore there is a ‘check ticklers’ box on my form but also I have an automated task reminder to check it first thing in the morning. We have to use Outlook where I work so I thought I had best use it in a way that helps me.

the sleeper awakes

and with this sudden alertness prepares to make sound.

it is good to talk

but even better to listen to musical creation


I am trying out the new Zooomr photo hosting service and it looks really good. They are currently offering pro accounts to bloggers who follow a few simple steps, sounds like a great idea.