Back in the swing

Managed to write a little more in Grimly Tales today. It was on one of the stories that had hit a rut. Now it is rolling on again.

Arranged the ‘song’ version of Gypsy Fire Dance. It has now taken shape, so I will record the guitar and vocals later this week, all being well.

The other musical idea on the boil has the working title of lost little girl. It is built around a simple guitar riff and I hope to have a version available soon, once the lyrics are finished.

That’s what’s on the creative menu this week.

I seem to have lost my muse

Not lost, but missing. Is that the same thing?


I am trying to fight through it, to push through the creative barrier. However, I have a fear it may be something a little more serious. This is more to do with motivation than ideas. I have the ideas but can't manage to push them through. Hence the fighting.


Perhaps, I seem to have lost my motivation…


Three tips to help you find your muse

Help me I’ve lost my Muse

It can happen to any creative person and this week it happened to Darren. In this week’s episode Darren finds that his muse has gone and run away. However, he does deliver the words fop and popinjay, along with three tips to find your muse and get back to creating the art you love and enjoy.

Three tips for when you need a little inspiration

The latest episode from Darren’s Imaginality is now live…

Darren gets bored with his room and decides to head out for a little change of scenery. Once there he shares a little on perspective, before offering three tips on finding inspiration when it is being elusive. Oh and there’s the sea too.