Music on the go

I have several pieces of music on the go at the moment. This is par for the course actually, but slightly different this week. The reason being is that they are all moving forward and they should all be complete soon.

Added to the tracks that I completed last week I think I have managed to break through feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I had too many pieces that weren’t complete and didn’t know where to start. A little dynamic list building and setting aside some time has sorted that.

Once again, a list comes to the rescue.

Organised but rundown

I ended up spending most of the week organising things. I put everything into omnifocus, created processes for all my projects and ended up with a whole lot more.

This means I haven’t done any writing. I have done some music, which I’ll share as soon as possible on my Patreon. I haven’t given up all hope of completing FAWM, but it looks unlikely. I have got 12 tracks but don’t have time to create the last few.

All the organising has left me a little rundown. A nice sore throat and a head cold. Time to rest I think.

Beginning the year well

Each year I start with the best of intentions. And, like the proverb hints, I end on a path to destruction (or eternal torment if that is your particular brand of the afterlife). I often have a list of goals I want to achieve. This year is no different, but so far I am progressing well.

I wonder if part of that is down to a slow start. I didn’t hit the year running. In fact I was barely upright, but little by little I have got into the zone. Creatively I am beginning to push myself, break through some barriers and see some results.

One exciting project is on Patreon. I am releasing music every month to supporters who have joined the temple. For as little as $1 everyone gets at least one piece of music to download and keep. Take a look and if you like it do sign up. It’s a great way to support creative people and keep me in tea.

June 2015 creative review

This is what I have been up to this past month. I want to keep a record and be accountable in some way. Giving this a go.


The Creative Minimalist
9 posts published, including…
A simple morning daily practice
Three areas of life that need decluttering
How many apps do I need

9 posts published, including…
So you want to self-publish, that means you are the publisher
How to prepare for a creative weekend
How to write a simple plot
The 10 commandments of creativity

This Temple Eden
1 post published…

Obviously a little more work needed on This Temple Eden. However, each site saw growth in visitors and views.


I worked on a soon to be self-published work on writing. I also spent time working on a writing course. Both of these I hope to have ready in July.


I’m working on two fiction pieces. One is untitled but the other is, Grimly Tales from the Love Grimoire. I am aiming to have both at the first draft stage by the end of July.


I need to organise my music and focus on finishing a few more demos. This ties in with the posting on the website. There are plenty of songs in process and it would be nice to get them to the stage when they can be shared. I have one that will certainly be ready in July, but as to how many others, I am not sure yet.

Freelance writing / editing

I am available for freelance writing and editing. I did a few pieces in June but currently there is nothing pencilled in for July. So if you want something done, do get in touch.

A new collection of ambient music

Although I was supposed to be working on FAWM for February, I was also creating a collection of ambient tracks. These were for a series of art video classes by the uber talented Suzi Blu – you can find out more about the art class Into The Light here.

In addition to making the music, I am also making it available to stream and buy via bandcamp. The music is ambient in style and ideal for meditation or for listening to whilst you create your art.

Into the light

You can listen to the music, and if you are so inclined, buy it here.

I have been playing with garageband

When my Mac was in the Apple hospital I spent some time making music on the iPad. At first I experimented with the various apps I had. I had quite a lot of fun. I then tried out GarageBand, the free app from Apple and, despite its limitations it has become a pretty useful notepad for creating music.

The ability to jump from iPad to iPhone is really good. With the further option of importing the garageband files into Logic Pro X, it will become part of my creative workflow.

Anyway, I’m not here to waffle on about how I create but to share what I have been doing. So here’s an unfinished unmixed (one of the limitations to GarageBand) tracks that I’ve been playing with.

February Album Writing Month Challenge Complete

I finished my creative challenge for February. The wonderful FAWM (February Album Writing Month) inspired me to write 14 songs in 28 days. I managed it with a few days to spare, and I even managed to record demos of all the songs. If you have a moment you can listen to them all below.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

You Can Love Me

I have spent quite a bit of the last week finishing up my music project. I wanted to write, record and distribute a collection of songs composed on the ukulele in just one month. I didn’t make the one month bit, but deadlines always need to be extended… don’t they.

The current state of play is that I have 8 ukulele songs and 2 re-workings of old songs. They are all at the rough demo stage now. I am listening to the mixes and will then tweak them and then… all will be ready for release.

One of the things I am doing while listening to the tracks is work out the running order. It is something I hadn’t thought about before, so it is probably about time.

Oh, and this whole project has been great fun.

This Temple Eden

About 30 years ago I was in a band. We wrote music, we did some recording and played a few gigs. It was fun, and I think we were pretty good. But things happened and we drifted apart and the band ceased. Or rather, that incarnation of the band ceased.

I have performed since and I hope to perform again. Every time I do perform I go under the name of This Temple Eden.

With this in mind I have been spending a little time working on the website. A lot is still hidden on the site, but I wanted to get a history page up, so that’s now live.

This Temple Eden

The right tool for the right job

I have been organising again but this time to be a little more productive. I have got hold of an old desktop pc and I’ve spent a few hours getting all my music software onto it. The reason is that I can use this pc as my music and digital art centre.

Eventually I aim to replace this pc with a desktop mac, as long as they keep producing them. It may well be that I ditch the laptop for an iPad, although I still prefer a proper keyboard to write with, so perhaps I’ll use that as an excuse to get a MacBook Air.

So why the conversion back to Apple? Well quite simply to be more focussed. The very fact that Apple limits the user experience and removes distraction, is what I need at this moment in time. I’m going through a minimal phase and want to have the right tool for the right job. I find the pc great, but it is also a distraction, and I don’t want that anymore.

Therefore, step one, have only the software I need on the machine that I am using, and then upgrade the hardware. That’s my plan.