Music on the go

I have several pieces of music on the go at the moment. This is par for the course actually, but slightly different this week. The reason being is that they are all moving forward and they should all be complete soon.

Added to the tracks that I completed last week I think I have managed to break through feeling a little overwhelmed by everything. I had too many pieces that weren’t complete and didn’t know where to start. A little dynamic list building and setting aside some time has sorted that.

Once again, a list comes to the rescue.

Back in the swing

Managed to write a little more in Grimly Tales today. It was on one of the stories that had hit a rut. Now it is rolling on again.

Arranged the ‘song’ version of Gypsy Fire Dance. It has now taken shape, so I will record the guitar and vocals later this week, all being well.

The other musical idea on the boil has the working title of lost little girl. It is built around a simple guitar riff and I hope to have a version available soon, once the lyrics are finished.

That’s what’s on the creative menu this week.

The right tool for the right job

I have been organising again but this time to be a little more productive. I have got hold of an old desktop pc and I’ve spent a few hours getting all my music software onto it. The reason is that I can use this pc as my music and digital art centre.

Eventually I aim to replace this pc with a desktop mac, as long as they keep producing them. It may well be that I ditch the laptop for an iPad, although I still prefer a proper keyboard to write with, so perhaps I’ll use that as an excuse to get a MacBook Air.

So why the conversion back to Apple? Well quite simply to be more focussed. The very fact that Apple limits the user experience and removes distraction, is what I need at this moment in time. I’m going through a minimal phase and want to have the right tool for the right job. I find the pc great, but it is also a distraction, and I don’t want that anymore.

Therefore, step one, have only the software I need on the machine that I am using, and then upgrade the hardware. That’s my plan.

I can do the 80s now

When I bought John Foxx’s The Garden I was both happy and sad. The happiness came from an admiration and love of the songs. But my sadness was because there was something missing from this his second solo release. His first, Metamatic, was a unique futuristic album that captured the sparse, urban, digital world we had entered, it was 1980.

Ironically the sound that was missing, as I later worked out, was a drum machine. The Garden, whilst using drum machines had moved into the realm where the aim was to make it sound like a real drummer. And the irony was, it was an analogue sound that had made Metamatic sound so wonderful. Anyway, I have found myself a VST instrument to play with. Yes a CR78 drum machine VST, which, I’m pretty sure was used on Metamatic and certainly on other futuristic albums of the time… and for those who aren’t familiar with Metamatic just think of the opening beats of Enola Gay by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and you’ll know what I am talking about.

CR78 drum machine

A little post-Christmas mixing

Well apart from saying Happy Christmas to you all… Happy Christmas… I have been a naughty boy with regard to keeping this my creative journal up to date. I could use the excuse that I am choosing to do it with renewed vim and vigour next year but that’s not a great or creative excuse.

So I have been writing a fair bit, blog posts here and there. I have also been doing a lot of guitar playing and singing. The Ukulele is getting regular strumming and so I am keeping up with practising. I have even begun implementing aspects of my 2012 life choices. More of that on another blog but it will have implications to what I get up to here.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours mixing a track to send out to someone. I’ve offered, and will begin to offer, my music with pretty much no strings attached for people to take and use and simply enjoy. Again more of that next year but that is what will happen. I’ve also spent a while doing the entropicon homepage of which this is part of, and I’ve also been researching information to be able to redo the design of this particular journal.

I have a work free week and so if I don’t update here, you’ll know I’m already slacking… or I’m just being very, very creative.