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Recently recorded a song and have just uploaded it to my Patreon page. That means that if you are a suppoorter you’d be able to download and keep it.

For as little as $1 a month you’ll get at least one piece of music to keep. And it enables me to spend more time making more music. You’ll also get a lovely good feeling knowing that you are helping support the arts.

If you want to know more take a look at the follwoing: Support me on Patreon


June 2015 creative review

This is what I have been up to this past month. I want to keep a record and be accountable in some way. Giving this a go.


The Creative Minimalist
9 posts published, including…
A simple morning daily practice
Three areas of life that need decluttering
How many apps do I need

9 posts published, including…
So you want to self-publish, that means you are the publisher
How to prepare for a creative weekend
How to write a simple plot
The 10 commandments of creativity

This Temple Eden
1 post published…

Obviously a little more work needed on This Temple Eden. However, each site saw growth in visitors and views.


I worked on a soon to be self-published work on writing. I also spent time working on a writing course. Both of these I hope to have ready in July.


I’m working on two fiction pieces. One is untitled but the other is, Grimly Tales from the Love Grimoire. I am aiming to have both at the first draft stage by the end of July.


I need to organise my music and focus on finishing a few more demos. This ties in with the posting on the website. There are plenty of songs in process and it would be nice to get them to the stage when they can be shared. I have one that will certainly be ready in July, but as to how many others, I am not sure yet.

Freelance writing / editing

I am available for freelance writing and editing. I did a few pieces in June but currently there is nothing pencilled in for July. So if you want something done, do get in touch.

A new collection of ambient music

Although I was supposed to be working on FAWM for February, I was also creating a collection of ambient tracks. These were for a series of art video classes by the uber talented Suzi Blu – you can find out more about the art class Into The Light here.

In addition to making the music, I am also making it available to stream and buy via bandcamp. The music is ambient in style and ideal for meditation or for listening to whilst you create your art.

Into the light

You can listen to the music, and if you are so inclined, buy it here.

Musical challenge a successful failure?

For those who haven’t noticed the calendar now says October. For those who have read any of the recent blog posts you should also know that I set myself a public challenge to release a collection of songs by today.

Well, I have failed… but only in the release date. The tracks are all on their way and I am really excited about them. They have pushed me musically. I have tried to write in a completely different style and way. They have pushed me technically. Playing some of the chords on the ukulele has been difficult, and been too much at times. I have learnt how to play, albeit in a tiny way, my harmonica. I have also learnt more about Logic Pro X than is probably good for anyone in just one month.

I suppose I didn’t push myself enough early on in the month and that is the main reason why I haven’t hit the deadline. There have been one or two personal issues that have taken a little time, but nothing that I couldn’t have dealt with. Perhaps the deadline was a little ambitious, thinking that I could write and record all the tracks. 

One decision I have to make is whether to ‘release’ them under This Temple Eden. I think I will, as I am planning to add two ‘old’ songs to the collection, that the band used to play. 

You Can Love Me: 8 songs written on the ukulele

!coming soon!

This Temple Eden

About 30 years ago I was in a band. We wrote music, we did some recording and played a few gigs. It was fun, and I think we were pretty good. But things happened and we drifted apart and the band ceased. Or rather, that incarnation of the band ceased.

I have performed since and I hope to perform again. Every time I do perform I go under the name of This Temple Eden.

With this in mind I have been spending a little time working on the website. A lot is still hidden on the site, but I wanted to get a history page up, so that’s now live.

This Temple Eden