Beginning the year well

Each year I start with the best of intentions. And, like the proverb hints, I end on a path to destruction (or eternal torment if that is your particular brand of the afterlife). I often have a list of goals I want to achieve. This year is no different, but so far I am progressing well.

I wonder if part of that is down to a slow start. I didn’t hit the year running. In fact I was barely upright, but little by little I have got into the zone. Creatively I am beginning to push myself, break through some barriers and see some results.

One exciting project is on Patreon. I am releasing music every month to supporters who have joined the temple. For as little as $1 everyone gets at least one piece of music to download and keep. Take a look and if you like it do sign up. It’s a great way to support creative people and keep me in tea.


June 2015 creative review

This is what I have been up to this past month. I want to keep a record and be accountable in some way. Giving this a go.


The Creative Minimalist
9 posts published, including…
A simple morning daily practice
Three areas of life that need decluttering
How many apps do I need

9 posts published, including…
So you want to self-publish, that means you are the publisher
How to prepare for a creative weekend
How to write a simple plot
The 10 commandments of creativity

This Temple Eden
1 post published…

Obviously a little more work needed on This Temple Eden. However, each site saw growth in visitors and views.


I worked on a soon to be self-published work on writing. I also spent time working on a writing course. Both of these I hope to have ready in July.


I’m working on two fiction pieces. One is untitled but the other is, Grimly Tales from the Love Grimoire. I am aiming to have both at the first draft stage by the end of July.


I need to organise my music and focus on finishing a few more demos. This ties in with the posting on the website. There are plenty of songs in process and it would be nice to get them to the stage when they can be shared. I have one that will certainly be ready in July, but as to how many others, I am not sure yet.

Freelance writing / editing

I am available for freelance writing and editing. I did a few pieces in June but currently there is nothing pencilled in for July. So if you want something done, do get in touch.

Writing and publishing posts on Imaginality

You are the publisher

There are a couple of recent posts on Imaginality to do with writing and publishing.

The first is about the publishing process. It looks at all the roles that take place at a Publishing House and how, if we want to self-publish, we need to take them on. If you are interested in getting your own book out there, then this might be helpful. So you want to self-publish that means you are the publisher.

The second is more specific and deals with the writing process. It looks at how a simple system can be used to write a plot. Want to write, but not sure where to start? This post could be for you. How to write a simple plot – The Some Plot System

There’s plenty of other stuff over at Imaginality, I seem to be on a creative role.

Back in the swing

Managed to write a little more in Grimly Tales today. It was on one of the stories that had hit a rut. Now it is rolling on again.

Arranged the ‘song’ version of Gypsy Fire Dance. It has now taken shape, so I will record the guitar and vocals later this week, all being well.

The other musical idea on the boil has the working title of lost little girl. It is built around a simple guitar riff and I hope to have a version available soon, once the lyrics are finished.

That’s what’s on the creative menu this week.

NaNoWriMo 2012

It’s that time of year again the great Internet write time. NaNoWriMo 2012 finds me returning to a story I tried to write on my first NaNo attempt. This year it has been planned a little better and having already ‘won’ a NaNo before the pressure is a little less.

Also, you can see that NaNo is up and running as I am spending my time posting on here!

A little post-Christmas mixing

Well apart from saying Happy Christmas to you all… Happy Christmas… I have been a naughty boy with regard to keeping this my creative journal up to date. I could use the excuse that I am choosing to do it with renewed vim and vigour next year but that’s not a great or creative excuse.

So I have been writing a fair bit, blog posts here and there. I have also been doing a lot of guitar playing and singing. The Ukulele is getting regular strumming and so I am keeping up with practising. I have even begun implementing aspects of my 2012 life choices. More of that on another blog but it will have implications to what I get up to here.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours mixing a track to send out to someone. I’ve offered, and will begin to offer, my music with pretty much no strings attached for people to take and use and simply enjoy. Again more of that next year but that is what will happen. I’ve also spent a while doing the entropicon homepage of which this is part of, and I’ve also been researching information to be able to redo the design of this particular journal.

I have a work free week and so if I don’t update here, you’ll know I’m already slacking… or I’m just being very, very creative.

I have been sidetracked

I had a very interesting weekend. I had a list of things that i wanted to do and somehow got totally sidetracked. I ended up firing up InDesign and creating the first draft of a potential e-book, containing a very short story I wrote and a number of short poems.

What was interesting about it was that this idea came totally out of the blue. I wanted to play around with the software and so I wondered what content I had. It wasn’t until I took a look at what I had posted on-line that I realised how much I actually had. I am not a prolific writer and I am totally humble as to how good, or not, it is, but there was enough to begin to put something together. So I’ll have that available soon to anyone  who wishes to have a look.

It made me think about how much we do create, but how much we leave simply lying around. With the group in the Internet, DTP and printing on demand, we can share this a lot easier with others. So now I have to add finishing this to my list.


This seems to be keeping me quite busy at he moment. But I have also been very busy at work too. If it wasn’t for GTD and some clear goals I don’t hink I would have survived.

However, I want more than mere survival, I want to fight the entropy and reverse it.

Therefore I have also created a first draft banner for this site, I’m getting arounf you know, creativity is in abundance 🙂

NaNoWriMo 2007 here I come, and review

Well I have decided to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year. What finally gave me the impetus was that I came up with an idea for a story… inspiration hit and I bit, hook, line and sinker. It does mean though that I come the end of November I will have completed two of my ‘things‘ – OK, two of them are really the same but I don’t mind that. So now I have to plan things so that I am able to keep going, without running out of ideas. That’s one task for the weekend.

Musically, I seem to have hit a wall. It isn’t that I don’t want to do anything, it is finding the time, or actually making myself sit down and do it. I am going to set up some mini-milestones to help motivate me in that area, I sure need it.

I am getting into the habit of taking photos and also getting better at doing it. As this is a goal I really need to set some objectives for it.

Non-digital artwork is still not moving and so I obviously need to get to work on that.